Migrating to the cloud

Our Approach 

  • Understand business stratergy 
  • Assess & Plan
  • Migration and testing
  • Optimization
  • Secure and Manage

Migrating your on premise applications and data to a public cloud can become overwhelming . Planning is the key to the success of any cloud migration project. AS an IT managed services provider our approach is to first understand the Organization’s business stratergy before creating a cloud migtration plan . Nextcloud Solutions team is expereinced in defining the cloud migration scope and plan accordingly. All stake holders in the cloud stratergy must be educated about the possible changes to the business processes as such change  management is a crtical part of any cloud migration process. 


Public cloud is offered in diffrent flavours

Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) & platform as a service (PAAS) are the most commonly used public cloud infrastructure scenerios. IAAS offers full IT stack except for the hardware and the virtualization layers in the cloud . Hardware and the virtualization is managed by the cloud provider. You manage the operating system, virtual networking,  data, applications and databases. In PAAS  you manage the application and the data. All other components of the IT stack is managed by the cloud provider.

Migrating your IT infrastructure needs well planned migration stratergy that is executed in phases. Each phase needs to be designed with contingency planning .

Next Cloud Solutions has the expertise in planning & strategrizing a cloud migration process . Our apprcoah is detailed in the planning stage of the cloud migration.