Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the public cloud infrastructure offerd by Microsoft  for organizations to run their business applications . In other words Microsoft Azure provides a set of cloud services to run their IT infrastructure in the cloud. New Azure cloud services are added frequently to expand the cloud platform . You need to pay only for the resources utilized in the cloud. Therefore Azure is a subcription based service. There is no upfront cost to deploying the IT infrastructure.

As a managed services cloud IT provider our certified consultants offer Azure services to plan, design and implement entire IT infrastructure or oart of the IT infrastrucrue to be on Microsoft Azure .

Cost of running IT infrastructure in Azure can be predetermined to paln the IT budget for a given oragnization. Microsoft offers a pricing calculator to detrmine the cost cost involeved in selecting diffrent IT components in Azure.

Azure offeres Azure compute service to run VMs , Cloud service to run business applications as web application or background task and App service with API level access to run applications such as mobile apps .


Azure Computing Services

Runs computing work loads in the cloud as virtual machines (VMs) . This is very similar to running a virtual machine on a on premise server. The difference is the physical hardware layer and the virtualization layer are managed by Microsoft. Managing the operating system, virtual networking, application and data are the responsibility of the cloud subscriber.

Azure App Services

Fully managed PAAS that provides API access to web services. App services offerd by Azure app service are Web Apps, API Apps, Mobile Apps and Business Logic Apps.

Azure Cloud Service

Used to run web applications (web role) or background tasks (worker roles) on Azure. Provides admin level access to the servers running the applications.