Procurement of IT hardware , software and services is a critical part of any IT infrastructure. At Next Cloud Solutions we have experienced consultants who understand your needs provide you the best procurement strategy for your organization. We keep track of of your license , support and warranty renewal for all vendors as a free service to help you be up to date .New

Server hardware upgrades

Performnace needs, New OS compatibility, Applications needs , waranty coverage are some of the most common reasons for upgrading server hardware. Our expereinced technical team can take on any server migration project to complement your server hardware purchases.

Hardware refresh

Hardware refresh happens in many cases to keep upto dat with the latest hardware and to comply with warranty support. Next Cloud Solutions offer services such as deploying servicves , desktop imaging services etc. that complements your hradware purchases .

Software Licensing

We have in depth knowledge about the licensing needs of diffrent vendors. Some vendors have comnplicated software licensing methods . We can help you decide what license stratergy will suite your organization needs.

Buying Vs Leasing

We can help you decide on buying vs leasing IT hardware, software or even services. Lease to own option is another way of owning what you leased at the end of the leasing period.

Subscription vs purchasing software

With the cloud in mind  most vendors offer purpetual license and subscription license options for software. We can help you decide what is best suite your needs.

Cloud vs on premise IT

Common consideration at the time of IT upgrade is to decide whether the back end  IT infrastructure should remain on premise or switch to a cloud based infrastructure. We can guide you with pros and cons of each approach .